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Beach & Sunset View Experience

The entire Hotel structure has been designed to constantly communicate with the beach right in front of it. All the spaces — the Suites, the Rooftop Heated Pool, and the restaurant, remind you of the property’s beach-front location and enchant you with the warm red colors of the stunning sunset.

VIP Guest Mentality & Service

For Bellevue Suites, all Guests are VIP, and enjoy top-level service fully customized on their personal needs and wishes. From the VIP Champagne Welcome to the Private Dining options either within the suites or at the Hotel’s restaurant, the Guests live a full VIP Experience of a 5-star property.

All-Time Classic & Elegant “Yacht-like” Design

Being a beach-front Hotel, Bellevue’s design focuses on highlighting the stunning sea views at the best possible way. Respecting the property’s history, as the ex-owner came from a nautical family, the hotel spaces borrow marine elements from luxury yacht design. This, in combination with contemporary hotel design influences, lead to an all-time classic result.

Independent Luxury accommodation Concept

Despite being a true 5-Star Hotel with upgraded Private Services, all the suites of Bellevue are designed to offer an independent luxury experience to all residents, with facilities that include fully-equipped kitchens and laundry. Mixing independence with Luxury Service, the residents can choose the level of service they wish to receive, thus fully customizing their experience.