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Food at Bellevue Suites ranks among the most important guest's experiences. The Suites’ fully independent infrastructure allows guests to store their food of preference and prepare their own meals, if they wish to do so.

On the other hand, as a luxury 5-star property, Bellevue offers a high-standard cuisine at its restaurant, as well as within the Suites. The overall dining experience is centered around local tastes and ingredients from Rhodes, with a modern twist and an upgraded character. The hotel’s Chef mixes traditional dishes from Rhodes with contemporary cooking techniques and creates a fascinating dining experience throughout the day, with the stunning sea views & sunset on the backdrop.

The Breakfast Experience starts at the Hotel’s ground floor restaurant, accompanied by a selection of á la carte dishes made-to-order. Local treats like ‘melekouni’ meet International tastes like pancakes, while the all-time-classic egg recipes are enhanced with a pinch of Rhodes — like local sausages or fresh vegetables. Making use of the Suites’ spacious balconies with the stunning sea views, Bellevue also offers the option for breakfast in room, allowing guests to enjoy full privacy and bespoke service. For the younger guests, Bellevue offers a selection of specially made Kids’ Menus.

The Hotel’s dining highlight, however, comes at sunset hour, where the in-room Sunset Dining Experience offers exquisite tastes at the privacy of the guests’ balconies, and having the amazing Sunset Views as a truly unique background. The tailor-made dinners offer different set-menus, that cover all preferences.

The dining experience at Bellevue is completed at the property’s main Bar & Pool Bar, that serves a selection of all-day drinks, ranging from freshly brewed coffee to refreshing cocktails, fresh juices, and local & international wines.

Breakfast Experience

Either at the Hotel’s Restaurant or at the privacy of your own balcony, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, Breakfast at Bellevue will be an unforgettable experience.

Sunset Dining Experience

Take advantage of the hotel’s unique location and enjoy the most impressive Private Dinner on your own balcony, immersed in the red-gold colours of the amazing Sunset.

All-day Menu

Whenever you feel hungry throughout the day, you can go through our all-day menu and choose a light meal that will get you going for the rest of the day! Our all-day menu can be enjoyed in your Suite or at our Restaurant.

Sunset Cocktails

Either relaxing on your balcony οr by our swimming pool, Bellevue will provide you with the most delicious cocktails and classic spirits. Make sure not to miss our stunning Sunset Cocktails!

Dine in the City

In our effort for providing top-class concierge services, our people will be delighted to recommenced the best places to eat in Rhodes town, ensuring that you will enjoy the most delicious food (either local or international), away from the buzzy ‘touristic’ places.