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COVID – 19

Dear Guests,

All of us working at Esperia Group are absolutely ready to host you, ensuring your health at all times by applying special Health and Safety Protocols which the Esperia Group team has designed for you and have been implemented with great success the previous year.

Please let us guide you through them step by step, so that you may continue to feel absolutely secure while you enjoy our warm hospitality. For many years, our group of hotels are being certified by the leading International Organization Lloyd’s Register, both for food safety according to ISO:22000, as well as for quality of services provided according to ISO:9001. At the same time, our hotels continuously achieve extremely high scores in health and safety inspections carried out by the International Certification and Inspection Agency SGS on behalf of tour operators.

Committed to ensure the health and safety of our valuable guests and employees as our top priority, we fully comply with the Greek legislation and we conscientiously and responsibly follow the guidelines of the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) as well as our associates’ guidelines.

We are ready to welcome you and we look forward to sharing a safe and wonderful holiday experience with you!


  • Entrance to the hotel for non-residents is prohibited, according to Covid-19 health protocols
  • Ensuring our employees’ Health with a control frequency (rapid tests) weekly at minimum.
  • Specialized training of all staff members in health and safety issues.
  • Health First certification for compliance with Greek Government protocols on hygiene and safety.
  • Each staff member is provided with sufficient personal protection equipmen and the establishment ensures the continuous supply of equipment stock.
  • Daily temperature measuring of staff members using contactless devices.
  • Doctor available 24/7.
  • Highly trained, specialized teams have undertaken the task of regularly disinfecting our premises.


  • Guest’s welcome is carried out by keeping appropriate distance according to our health and safety protocols.
  • Temperature measuring using contactless devices.
  • Luggage disinfection with electrostatic sprayers.
  • Provision of personal protection equipment.
  • Completion of check-in procedures is performed by keeping appropriate distance according to the Health and Safety Protocols and to GDPR guidelines.
  • Controlled hotel entry and exit documentation of non-residents.
  • Receptionists provide all information about the hotel and room facilities as well as the necessary safety measures.
  • All card keys are disinfected with UVC sterilizers before being given to guests.
  • Information boards with health and safety guidelines in prominent locations around the premises.
  • Electronic and contactless payments are recommended and available.
  • Upon request and advance notice, the capability for any test (rapid, PCR) to be performed by a Certified Health Provider is provided.


  • Strict and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the room with the cold fogging method, with products having certified action against coronaviruses and the guarantee of our top-tier partners-Companies such as Ecolab, Diversey and Rolco-Christeyns.
  • Sealing of the room with a special sticker so that you will be the first to enter upon completion of its disinfection.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided in rooms for guest use.
  • Non-essential equipment such as magazines, laundry bags, decorative pillows and covers have been removed from the room.
  • Linens in your room, bare Certification by the Hohenstein Institute of Germany stating that they have been disinfected (including for COVID 19) while the facilities of the collaborating laundry services are Certified as per ISO 9001 by Lloyd ’Register and RAL 1 from the Hohenstein Institute. Linens get transported completely protected and sealed in plastic packaging suitable for food contact.
  • Certification of proper operation, cleaning, maintenance and hygiene of air conditioning units.
  • Room cleaning strictly follows guests’ consultation and requests.


  • Breakfast and dinner operation hours are extended. Double seating will be applied when necessary.
  • Safety distance between tables.
  • Good hygiene, cleaning and disinfection practices in the food sector, ensured by the rigorous application of HACCP regulations (ISO:22000 certification by Lloyd’s Register).
  • Cutlery and food towels are served in the presence of the customer or in individual packages.
  • Employees are equipped with personal protection equipment during the operation of bars and restaurants.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at all restaurants’ entrances.
  • Meal setting in self-service buffet, is carried out with the appropriate P.P.E. (masks, gloves, hand antiseptic) always keeping the necessary safety distance.


  • Safety distance between sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Beach towel in individual plastic packaging provided to each guest.
  • All sunbeds are disinfected after each use with certified sanitizing products according to the European test protocol. Self- service sanitization stations are provided.
  • Measurements of critical chemical parameters are performed at least 3 times a day and systematic disinfection of pool water takes place with approved formulas. Certified operation and hygiene of swimming pools.
  • Blue Flag awarded beaches.


  • Hand sanitizers for guests and employees are available at all public areas.
  • Frequent, rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and departments, with emphasis on high risk areas such as elevator buttons, handrails, common area furniture, etc. is carried out with electrostatic sprayers.
  • Avoiding elevator use is highly recommended. If elevator use is necessary, only one person or a family at a time are permitted.
  • Certification of proper operation and hygiene of air condition units


  • Adjustment of programs according to the new conditions, with the majority of activities taking place in outdoor spaces.
  • Reducing the maximum number of children taking part in activities, in order to maintain safety distances where possible.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all areas with emphasis on high risk spots.
  • Removal of all sharable small items and toys.
  • No meals are served in these areas.
  • Staff always wear a mask (both outdoors and indoors).


  • Adjustment of leisure and wellness programs according to the new conditions.
  • Reduction of the maximum number of people per space and activity in order to facilitate maintaining the necessary safety distances (families and residents in the same room are excluded).
  • Use of Plexiglas dividers in combination with safety distances and use of P.P.E. depending on the activity.
  • Frequent and strict cleaning and disinfection of all public areas is carried out with emphasis on the critical points and is imperative during user rotation. In addition, self-service sanitization stations are provided.


Adjustment of entertainment programs according to the new regulations.


  • Car rental processes carried out by keeping appropriate safety distance.
  • Specialized training of all employees in health and safety issues.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of vehicles, based on our health
  • and safety protocols.
  • Vehicle disinfection certificate provided to the customer. Disinfection is done with effective products with proven action against corona viruses, according to the European test protocol.
  • After disinfection, all major contact points (steering wheel, gear levers, seat, etc.) are covered with single-use protective material.
  • Disinfection of vehicle key with UVC sterilizer.


  • A team of Specialized Executives working exclusively on the planning, implementation and control of the effectiveness of the measures against the spread of infectious diseases is responsible for staff training and implementing all health and safety measures.
  • A group of specialized employees has exclusively undertaken the disinfection task of rooms and common areas with modern, specialized tools such as cold foggers, electrostatic sprayers, UVC sterilizers, etc.
  • Guest Services and Reception teams are in charge of informing guests about the health and safety measures applied in the hotel.


  • Certifications from: Lloyd’s Register, HohensteinInstitute
  • Cleaning and disinfection products from: ECOLAB-Sealed Air-Rolco Christeyns


Your Esperia Group Team

* Kindly note that changes and adjustments to the health and safety measures may be applied to each hotel according to its operation, and that all changes that may occur ensure our guests’ safety and wellbeing.
By completing your reservation with Esperia Group you are expressing your acceptance of the above mentioned protocols and notes.